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New Hope Detox

220 Hospital Dr. Jackson, AL 36545
Phone: 251.246.1213
Fax: 251.246.1185

What we offer:

  • 5-7 Day inpatient Medical Detox at Jackson Medical Center
  • Environment Conducive to beginning the sober living journey
  • Highly trained medical staff, doctors, nurses, detox staff, etc.
  • Safe Secure Facility
  • 24 hour nursing staff
  • 3 meals daily, plus snacks provided
  • Transportation Provided (up to 5hrs away)
  • Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana, and most private insurances
  • Private Pay- $3750 5 days ($750 per day for additional days)
  • 12 Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous
  • One-on-one Counseling sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Step work- individually and collectively
  • Daily activities to encourage positive thinking and focus
  • Activities to stimulate brain and mind functions
  • Goal setting and future plan guidance
  • Each patient is encouraged to attend further treatment and staff provides options that best suit each individual patient's needs

New Hope Detox is a program dedicated to addicts and alcoholics who are in need of a medical detox. We strive to provide an environment for those who are seeking to start a new life of recovery, and to ensure that they are given the best possible chance to be successful. New Hope Detox will assist each patient in finding a further treatment option that best suits their specific needs, while tending to their immediate need for detoxification. It is our greatest hope that we will be able to begin the journey of recovery with each patient and give them the tools and encouragement to continue a life of sobriety. Our goal is to provide professional, medical, and emotional freedom for those struggling with addiction. We look forward to working closely with your facility and staff in reaching out to as many hurting people as possible. Please contact us if you know of anyone in need of our services.

New Hope Detox Staff

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